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        The Pocket Reader software is designed to interface simply and quickly with the Pocket Reader to allow you to transfer the text from the Pocket Reader to your computer and then export in a variety of formats.

    The main Pocket Reader window displaying some transferred text.

    The main Pocket Reader window displaying some transferred text.

        Once connected !PReader has a variety of features as shown in the image above:

    Fetch  Clicking this will fetch text stored on the Pocket Reader.
    Save  Clicking this button brings up the save box.
    Colours  The text can be displayed showing confidence/character this button turns this on and off.
    Size  The text can also show the various font sizes this can be turned on and off using this button.
    Clear  If you have selected any text it can be removed using this button.
    Clear  If you have selected any text it can be inserted at the caret using this button.

        Clicking middle mouse button over the main text window will bring up a menu offering these options as well as the opportunity to disconnect the Pocket Reader.

    The !PReader save box     Clicking on the save button on the tool bar will bring up the window on the right. As can bee seen it is possible to save in a variety of formats:

        If you have some of the text selected then it is possible to save just the selection in the above formats.

        Also it is possible to join the lines of text when they are only broken by a ‘line break’ and not a ‘carriage return’. Using the configuration options you can also vary the divider that goes in place of a line break e.g. None, Tab, Comma, Space or Carriage return. This allows you to scan in tables and input them into spreadsheets.



        This is a small extra application for the Pocket Reader which allows you to input text from the Pocket Reader directly into databases, spreadsheets and writable icons. It is simply a case of scanning the text, placing the cursor where you want it and clicking on the iconbar icon. The Pocket Reader will then send the text and clear its memory.

        The use of this application can be invaluable when transferring records from paper copies to computerised databases.

    Links to other Pocket Reader Pages

    The Unofficial Pocket Reader Home Page - Page containing Pocket Reader software for numerous operating systems.

    Software upgrades

    Check here to see if you have the latest version of the Pocket Reader software.

    The present upgrade is from V1.05-V1.06. - Monday 14th of January 2002
    v105-106.zip (101KB)

    Old Upgrades
    V1.04-V1.05. v104-105.zip (100KB)
    V1.03-V1.04. v103-104.zip (100KB)
    V1.02-V1.03. v102-103.zip (99KB)

    Download the latest version of !PRInput V0.04. prinput.zip (13KB)

    PocketReader Competition

    The results of the PocketReader competition are as follows:

    Runners up:

    Practical - Peter Dunn
    Combine with !Speak as an aid for blind users to read newspaper text, magazines etc.
    Useful - Peter Dunn
    Noting TV programme details when recording Video tapes.
    Unusual - Andrew Harmsworth
    Using it to OCR the first million decimal places of PI (about 20 A4 pages or so) which silly little sixth formers will insist on printing out.


    The overall winner was in the Unlikely category:
    Scan all your tatoos and output as text so you can check the spellings.

    Congratulations to Graham Waterworth our winning entrant his PocketReader and mystery extra prizes are on their way to him.

    Well done to the runners up and all other entrants. Runners up your certificates are on their way to you.

  • !PReader
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  • Links
  • Software updates
  • Results the PocketReader Competition
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