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Aemulor Professional - 26bit emulator for Raspberry Pi

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Product Title: Aemulor Professional - 26bit emulator for Raspberry Pi
Manufacturer/Publisher: Aemulor
Stock Code: AEM-AEM-RPI
QuickCode: 17543
Format: email
Product Group: Raspberry Pi: SD Cards, Adaptors & Software
Condition: New
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Aemulor Professional is a 26-bit emulator for the Raspberry Pi computer to enable many 26-bit only RISC OS software to run on the Raspberry Pi.

Compatible with: Model A or B, Rev. 1 or 2, 256MB or 512MB Raspberry Pi and probably any later versions!

To supply your copy of Aemulor, the machine ID of your Raspberry Pi is required. This can be found by running the ReadMac utility
e.g. 88 2A 9A EB 27 B8

Aemulor Professional for the Raspberry Pi

Provides all the basic 26-bit compatibility features of Aemulor :

a. Full 26-bit application emulation (C, ARM Code etc)
b. StrongARM-class performance
c. 26-bit module support
d. 26-bit BASIC assembler support
e. BASIC programs run at native speed
f. RISC OS 4 > 5 SWI emulation
g. RISC OS 4 Internet error code emulation
h. SWI Flag preservation
i. Dynamic area creation in "low" memory

plus the following additional features:

a. support for low-bpp (2/4/16 colour) screenmodes (eg Sibelius and many games)

b. 26-bit sound module support (voice generators, linear handlers, channel handlers and schedulers)

c. 26-bit filing system support (eg. CFS, LanMan98FS, WebFS, Win95FS)

d. Simple emulation of the Archimedes hardware (VIDC/IOC) or RiscPC hardware (VIDC20/IOMD) which is directly accessed by some games.

e. Altered memory map and hardware configuration is presented to 26-bit code that expects certain addresses and controllers.

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