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Price list last updated on
Saturday, 17 November 2018

  • Wednesday 30th of November 2005
    Updated Laptop Price Pages to reflect current models and prices.
  • Monday 28th of November 2005
    Announcement: No new wires HomePlug networking
  • Friday 25th of November 2005
    Announcement: Colour Laser Printer with Duplex!
  • Friday 11th of November 2005
    Announcement: PC Card & Software Special Offers
  • Thursday 20th of October 2005
    Announcement: Impact Upgrade inc. Virtual RPC compatibility!
  • Thursday 23rd of June 2005
    Announcement: 64MB & 128MB Firefox SIMM Offer. Offer Expired
  • Thursday 19th of May 2005
    Announcement: Last orders for RiscPC/A5000 etc. NiCAD batteries.
  • Wednesday 18th of May 2005
    Announcement: New Maintainer for Photodesk.
    Announcement: Impact 3 significant update released!
  • Friday 13th of May 2005
    Announcement: Wanted items & recycling.
  • Tuesday 26th of April 2005
    Announcement: A3 Laser now from 200 GBP. - Offer Expired
  • Monday 4th of April 2005
    Updated our laptop information pages.
  • Friday 16th of March 2005
    CJE's online catalogue exceeds 3000 products!.
  • Friday 4th of February 2005
    Added the Dynamic Areas Fix for Photodesk to the support page.
  • Tuesday 16th of November 2004
    Added a new category to the price list pages: Components & General Spares.
  • Monday 15th of November 2004
    Uploaded the OHP2 upgrade.
  • Thursday 24th of June 2004
    Uploaded the Photodesk 3.05 - 3.06 upgrade.
  • Thursday 10th of June 2004
    Revised courier zone prices and added text links.
  • Thursday 15th of April 2004
    Added more links to the links page.
  • Thursday 8th of April 2004
    Added 32Bit Makemodes to resources page.
  • Monday 2nd of January 2004
    CJE Micro’s website receives W3C Validation.
    Added skeleton DataPower Database to Prices pages.
    General site tidy up and link check (all links should now work!).
  • Friday 19th of December 2003
    Uploaded CJE Micro’s 200 Item Software Sale.
  • Friday 28th of November 2003
    Uploaded CJE Micro’s RISC OS Laptop pages.
    Removed the Latest News section from the site. I’ve archived it here.
  • Friday 24th of November 2003
    New software offers.
  • Thursday 9th of October 2003
    Created a page of Customer case studies.
  • Monday 6th of October 2003
    Completed upload of mirror site at http://www.cjemicros.f2s.com.
  • Friday 22nd of August 2003
    New R-Comp and Iota software offers.
  • Friday 18th of July 2003
    Price list pages updated.
  • Friday 13th of June 2003
    Price list pages updated.
  • Wednesday 12th of March 2003
    Side bar Quick Search added back in again (look down and left).
  • Friday 21st of February 2003
    CJE Search Pages working properly again.
  • Thursday 20th of February 2003
    Added Courier Delivery information to the How to Order pages.
    Uploaded CJE Micro’s individual product pages. Go to our Price list pages to check them out.
  • Monday 27th of January 2003
    Finished Online Order Form
  • Monday 16th of December 2002
    Updated IYONIX information.
  • Friday 22nd of November 2002
    Updated Viewfinder information to v1.48.
  • Saturday 19th of October 2002
    Uploaded the IYONIX Pages
  • Tuesday 15th of October 2002
    Made a few changes to the home page.
  • Saturday 12th of October 2002
    Web Price List now contains over 2500 items!
  • Wednesday 28th of August 2002
    Uploaded Clares Software Specials page.
  • Thursday 15th of August 2002
    Added Patch 3 for RISC OS 3.x to Resources Page
  • Friday 9th of August 2002
    Updated the Viewfinder Support page to cancel the Viewfinder Software Update Subscription Scheme.
  • Friday 2nd of August 2002
    Updated ADSL price information.
  • Tuesday 16th of July 2002
    Finally uploaded CJE’s Online Order Form.
  • Wednesday 24th of July 2002
    Updated the Viewfinder Support page to include the Viewfinder Software Update Subscription Scheme.
  • Friday 12th of July 2002
    Changed the CJE ADSL Pack Information Page to reflect new, lower prices.
  • Thursday 20th of June 2002
    Uploaded CJE’s Anglia Software Offers Page.
    Uploaded Information page for UKGateway to Tiscali migration. (Removed 25/05/06)
  • Tuesday 23rd of April 2002
    Uploaded the CJE ADSL Pack Information Page.
  • Saturday 13th of April 2002
    Corrections to the April/May price list
  • Monday 11th of February 2002
    Web Price List now over 2100 items.
  • Tuesday 6th of February 2002
    Updated Viewfinder information to v1.43.
  • Tuesday 22nd of January 2002
    Added link to Owl-Art Un-Ltd’s. !NonVFMode ViewFinder application
  • Monday 21st of January 2002
    Updated ViewFinder information to v1.41.
  • Wednesday 31st of October 2001
    Updated Price list pages.
  • Friday 7th September 2001
    Updated ViewFinder information to v1.33.
  • Wednesday 5th September 2001
    Updated 1850+ Item Price List
  • Monday 23rd July 2001
    Updated ViewFinder information to v1.32.
  • Wednesday 11th July 2001
    Regrettable suspension of CJE’s RPI initiative.
  • Saturday 7th July 2001
    Updated ViewFinder information to v1.31.
  • Tuesday 12th June 2001
    Updated prices pages and the specials.
  • Wednesday 30th May 2001
    1850+ Item Price List now on the website.
  • Wednesday 23rd May 2001
    Back from the Wakefield show take a look at
    The IconBar or RISCOS.org
    for show reviews and photos.
  • Thursday 17th May 2001
    If you are here you already know we are at a new address of http://www.cjemicros.co.uk
  • Tuesday 24th April 2001
    Updated View Finder information to V1.28
  • Monday 12th March 2001
    Updated View Finder information to V1.26
  • Saturday 10th March 2001
    Updated View Finder information to V1.25
  • Friday 9th March 2001
    Added CJE’s Software Offers
  • Thursday 18th January 2001
    Added photo of Andrew receiving the Mystery Shopper Award
  • Friday 12th January 2001
    Added links to RISC OS Show pages
  • Tuesday 9th January 2001
    Took down CJE Virtual Christmas Decorations
  • Wednesday 27th December 2000
    Updated ViewFinder information and resources
  • Thursday 30th November 2000
    Added a few more links to the Christmas gifts page
  • Monday 27th November 2000
    Put up CJE Virtual Christmas Decorations.
  • Friday 24th November 2000
    Finished Christmas offers page.
    Added RO3.5 & RO3.7 CD Rom Drivers to resources page.
  • Thursday 16th November 2000
    Made suggested changes to ViewFinder information and resources
  • Friday 27th October 2000
    Updated ViewFinder information and resources
  • Monday 16th October 2000
    Updated ViewFinder information and resources
  • Wednesday 11th October 2000
    Made more fine tweaks and adjustments to the pages which should now work in MS IE and Netscape
  • Friday 6th October 2000
    CJE win 'Mystery Shopper' award.
  • Thursday 5th October 2000
    Added search box to every page on site (see sidebar) except searchpage :-).
  • Wednesday 4th October 2000
    Added search box to CJE home page
  • Tuesday 3rd October 2000
    Updated ViewFinder information and resources
  • Friday 29th September 2000
    Major update of the whole website.
    CJE RPI Page uploaded.
    Updated ViewFinder information and resources
  • Monday 29th August 2000
    Added requested links on the Links Page.
  • Monday 21st August 2000
    Corrected broken links on the Links Page.
  • Friday 18th August 2000
    Added link to a location map on the Contacting Us page.
  • Tuesday 8th August 2000
    Updated ViewFinder information and resources
  • Friday 4th August 2000
    Added 1600 item Price list as TSV file for Download
    Added Ordering information page and order forms to download
  • Tuesday 25th July 2000
    Made requested changes to ViewFinder Pages
  • Friday 21st July 2000
    Updated ViewFinder information
  • Thursday 20th July 2000
    Photos added to staff pages
    Updated ViewFinder information
  • Wednesday 19th July 2000
    3:00:  Updated ViewFinder information
    3:00:  Added link to ViewFinder upgrade
  • Friday 14th July 2000
    7:00:  Updated ViewFinder information
  • Monday 10th July 2000
    1:10:  Updated ViewFinder information
  • Friday 7th July 2000
    11:48:  Updated ViewFinder information
      3:08:  Updated ViewFinder information
      1:45:  Updated ViewFinder information
    11:25:  Updated ViewFinder information
    09:40:  ViewFinder information on support pages.
  • Wednesday 5th July 2000
    Staff Pages Updated.
    Fourth Dimension site overhauled.
    Circle Software section added.
  • Friday 5th May 2000
    Website overhauled and updated at last - John
    April/May special offers now available
  • Thursday 10th February 2000
    More special offers available
  • Saturday 14th August 1999
    Updated the offers section, with the latest info. RISC OS 4 is available NOW, please email sales@cjemicros.co.uk for further information
  • Saturday 29th May 1999
    Updated the offers section, with the latest info. RISC OS 4 will be available soon, please email sales@cjemicros.co.uk for further information
  • Saturday 10th April 1999
    A few updates for you here, sorry for the lack of them recently, but due to staff shortages, there is little time for them.
    See the news section for information about the Job vacancies, and also about ImageFS.
  • Monday 30th November 1998
    Copy of Acorn Press Release about the future of RISC OS added.
  • Saturday 21st November 1998
    More offers added onto the site.
  • Saturday 31st October 1998
    New offers uploaded, and also some more news.
  • Friday 25th September 1998
    News from the ‘Project Phoenix’ meeting today available in the news section.
    More news, ‘Phoenix Project’ meeting, Project Avante news...
  • Saturday 19th September 1998
    Shock news from Acorn, Phoebe RiscPC 2 Cancelled. More Info....
  • Wednesday 16th September 1998
    Fixed the search script so it now works. Online store in last stages of testing.
  • Wednesday 9th September 1998
    Information on Acorn’s Phoebe Offers available now. Added Phoebe details in the News section.
  • Tuesday 1st September 1998
    Complete new site design with lots of info, and special offers. Look around, as there is to much to link here.

If you have a sales enquiry please email our sales department
78 Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 2EN, UK. 01903 523222 (full contact details)
If you have any comments or problems please email info@cjemicros.co.uk
CJE Micro’s is not responsible for the contents of external internet sites.
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