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Econet Clock

A new design of Econet Clock which uses a microcontroller to generate the clock signal.

There are 8 preset clock configurations in the firmware, which can be selected by means of DIP switches in the case:
DIPPeriod (us)Mark (us)
0000 5.00 1.000
0010 4.00 0.750
0100 4.00 0.500
0110 3.00 0.500
1000 3.00 0.250
1010 2.00 0.500
1100 2.00 0.250
1110 2.00 0.125
NB. The right-hand DIP switch is not used

There are two 5pin DIN sockets on the circuit board, with provision to connect a further two on flying leads to 5pin 0.1" headers. We will be offering these flying leads as add-on items shortly.

Supplied with a 5V PSU (UK plug)

Econet Clock: 43.50§ Add to Basket Add to basket

§- Sold by 4D, which is not VAT registered.

This Econet Clock was designed by Simon Inns © 2017 and is open source.
Copies of the source code and designs are available from Simon's website or from ourselves here ([an error occurred while processing this directive]B)

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