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Produced on RISC OS

[Raspberry Pi]


pi-topRO v2 - a new RISC OS portable computer

It has been a long time coming but Fourth Dimension is now pleased to announce that we are able to supply the pi-topRO v2 running RISC OS


Based on the 'pi-top v2' and incorporating the Raspberry Pi model 3B+. Extensive work has been undertaken to add full RISC OS support.

  • Screen: 14" HD Screen, 1920x1080
  • Battery Life: 6-8 hours
  • 87 key, 296x105mm keyboard
  • 104x75mm track pad
  • 1.8kg with speaker & nano router
  • 2x external & 1 internal USB ports (internal port not available when the router is in use)
  • Fitted with Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • 16GB microSD card with RISC OS 5
  • Power saving features!

RISC OS software included:

  • RISC OS 5 installed
  • !BatteryMon - Reports battery usage including estimated time left
  • !Brightness - Controls screen brightness
  • !PowerOff - Turns power off at shutdown
  • !SpkrSetup - To enable the speaker
  • Screensaver - Turns screen power off when inactive

Complete system with Raspberry Pi 3, speaker, custom RTC and nano WiFi Router 549.00 including UK mainland delivery.

As with most portable/small keyboards, some compromises have had to be made, the function keys are accessed using the 'Fn' modifier key.

The system is also available without nano WiFi router and/or speaker. Software and hardware upgrades are available separately for users who have already purchased a pi-top v2.

The pi-topRO v2 is available with a variety of different options:

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If you have any comments or problems please email info@cjemicros.co.uk
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