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Add a power switch to your Raspberry Pi!

The Pi has no on board power switch, which can be a pain! Unplugging and re-plugging the power cable isn’t ideal.

However you power your Pi we probably have a power switching option for you, basically whatever cable carries the power we can provide a version with an in-line switch or an extension cable with one!


Only NINE options!

Powering a Pi via its microUSB socket is normally the best option as that leaves both USB ports free for data. The most common option is a dedicated PSU: PSU for Raspberry Pi UK (Mains plug to microUSB plug) 1200mA with in-line On/Off Switch


Standard 2.1mm DC socket to microUSB plug with in-line switch. Very useful if you want to power other items like small LCD monitors also at 5V as you can then use a DC splitter cable and run everything from one PSU! Also could be used with some Power over Ethernet (POE) units including ‘Spare Wires POE’


Standard 2.1mm DC plug to microUSB plug with in-line switch. A 2.1mm plug version of the above for use with equipment that can supply power from a 2.1mm socket like some POE adaptors e.g. TL-POE10R (POE10R + Switched cable)


If you power your Pi via its microUSB socket then this short lead can plug in-line with whatever your current power source is: microUSB extension cable with in-line switch (microUSB Female to microUSB Male 20cm approx.)


USB A Male to microUSB Male for Raspberry Pi with in-line Power Switch
For powering a Pi through its microUSB socket from a powered hub or other computer’s USB port or a PSU with USB A socket/s


USB A extension cable USB Power/Data cable USB A Female to USB A Male for Raspberry Pi with in-line Power Switch.
Short extension cable with ON/OFF switch suitable for powering your Revision 2 Pi via a USB A socket. One use would be for connecting to a powered hub with captive input cable


USB Power/Data cable USB A plug to USB B for Raspberry Pi including Power Switch
Power and data cable with ON/OFF switch for powering your Revision 2 Pi via its USB A socket from a powered HUB with a USB B socket.


Combined USB Power and Data cable for Atrix LapDock to Raspberry Pi including power switch
Provides a very neat solution for connecting an Atrix LapDock to your Pi.
Connects the microUSB on an Atrix LapDock to Raspberry Pi Rev.2 USB port, providing a USB connection and switched power. Upon the advent of the MK2 Pi we realised that a much neater solution than was previously used (modified splitter cables) was a microUSB Female to USB A Male but we couldn’t find such a cable, so set about making one. microUSB Male or Female cannot be hand assembled reliably but we could source factory made microUSB extension leads, so all we needed to do was solder on a standard USB A Plug, but even that we decided would be difficult to do to the quality needed for a commercial product. Then we had a minor Eureka moment and realised that if we put an in-line switch mid cable we could could use factory assembled leads for the two parts and make the in-line connections within the switch for a reliable professional looking cable. When used with our microHDMI Female to HDMI Male cable it makes a simple, neat LapDock Pi system.


iTX/ATX POWER Control Module & Real Time Clock module for the Raspberry Pi
I’m planning a more detailed blog about the iTX/ATX/? Power Control module later.


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